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Deadmau5 calls Madonna a ‘f—ing idiot’ for pandering to dance crowd with drug references

I posted this yest on my Twitter while deadmau5 was in the middle of his rant lol.  I actually agree w/ him.  I mean cmon, she goes on stage for all of what, 1-2 mins tops & that’s her contribution to EDM?  GTFOH.

And it cracks me up that some folks are actually upset at Deadmau5 for calling Madonna out.  Seriously?   Oh Deadmau5, you’re such a bad person for condoning being straight edged and being mad at some old fart condoning drug use in an effort to fit in.  BTW, EDM has finally broken through here in the States.  It’s always had this huge, dark shadow cast over it due to its association with heavy drug use, esp E.  So, when someone like Madonna who’s not really associated w/ EDM comes in & perpetuates this stereotype (thus only hurting the progress the genre has made), why are folks upset w/ Deadmau5’s comments???

Peep his tumblr post here.  And the full story regarding his Madonna comments here.

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