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Spurs vs. Grizzlies: Potentially NBA’s BIGGEST Upset Ever???

In ‘94, the #1 Seed Sonics (63-19) would go on to lose to the #8 seed Denver Nuggets (42-40).  The Sonics were EXPECTED to win the title that year.  That’s pretty crazy.  I’d still say if Spurs lose, it’d be the BIGGEST upset ever b/c Spurs have won 4 championships w/ this current team while the Mavs & that Sonics team NEVER won.  Plus, besides the Lakers, they were the other favorite to make it out of the West to legitimately win the Ring this year.  Also, the #8 Knicks that beat the #1 Heat in ‘99 can’t really be taken into consideration, in my pov, b/c it was a lockout shortened season.  So, the Knicks took a little longer to mesh as a team.  If they’d had 82 games, they most likely wouldn’t have been a #8 seed.  

Here’s a little more history on #1’s losing to #8s.

What’re your thoughts on this debate?