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Steve Angello & the Size Records Crew Q&A: Ultra Music Festival 2014 

Steven Angello’s one of my fave DJs in the game.  I actually like him waaaay more solo than w/ SHM lol.  It’s dope seeing the respect his crew/label have for him.  Also, dope seeing Max speak on the creative freedom they have at SIZE vs your typical labels. 

My Fave #ULTRA 2014 Sets: , , , , Jack U, TJR, MAKJ, Steve Angello, etc.

I was able to catch a few of the sets.  From the ones I actually saw/heard, I freakin’ loved Kaskade’s, Zedd’s, Alesso’s, TJR’s, MAKJ, Jack U (Skrillex + Diplo DJ duo debuted here at ULTRA), NERVO, etc. 

I’ve posted Kaskade’s above, which was my absolute fave.  I’ve also linked some below for your enjoyment!  I’ll continue to update this list w/ my faves as they get posted online in next few days!  ^__^



Jack U

Steve Angello




,   & Eelko van Kooten Q&A: Ultra Music Festival 2014 **MUST SEE for Up&Coming Acts**

Just one year ago, Martin Garrix was “an attendee at ULTRA dreaming to one day DJ the main stage.”  Hear his story of his route to success using social media such as SoundCloud to his advantage and success!  

Fact: @Diplo used to be a grade school teacher.

Depending on you view this, it could be the dopest or scariest shit ever for the future of your kids LMAOoOOOoOO!



@Avicii vs @NickyRomero - “I Could Be The One” (Miami 2013 Recap)

Avicii’s vids/interviews r sooOoo motivational/inspiring!  I’m sooo ampd after watching this!  Those crowd shots are amazing man!  Gaaaah, motivation to get there one day!!! 

He might not be the best DJ, but, his production is one of the best. 



@Hardwell & Dyro () - “Never Say Goodbye” ft. Heather Bright of BRIGHT LIGHTS ()


Electronic Music

hits it on the nail here.  Really describes the culture of electro music well!:

"It’s about the experience…Today’s kids know everybody. The era of going to the show and standing in the corner alone, knowing only the band, are done. Via social networks, every kid in your town knows every other one. And these festivals are giant networking parties, where they get to mingle and have a good time. And it’s all about the good time. Sure, the music is an element of the mix, but if you could go to the show with only ten of your best bros, you wouldn’t. Nobody wants a legendary DJ to play for ten people like the oldsters hire Elton and the classic rockers for privates, that’s a dead scene.

They want to be party with thousands, they want to feel the energy, electronic music is not about being exclusive, but inclusive!…what’s important is the scene. The inclusivity referenced above. Now performer and audience are in it together





Maaan, Avicii’s ear for Melody & Harmony is just ridiculously crazy…luved this mix!  Killed it!  One hour of eargasms. ^__^



NEW MUSIC: Knife Party ( Live at Ultra Music Festival (  2013 (WEEK 2)


Filthy set.




Luv this! My 2 fave girls & DJs @nervomusic w Mr @steveaoki molded in play doh! Warms my 80s baby ❤! 

#PLUR #DJ #EDM #UMF #ULTRA #Electro #House #Dance #NERVO #Steve Aoki #PlayDoh

Luv this! My 2 fave girls & DJs @nervomusic w Mr @steveaoki molded in play doh! Warms my 80s baby ❤!

#PLUR #DJ #EDM #UMF #ULTRA #Electro #House #Dance #NERVO #Steve Aoki #PlayDoh