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Diplo Releases Statement Regarding Kandi Ban at his MDBP

"So… I never wear Kandi and I understand it’s not drug related culture inherently .. We just had serious issues with kids hiding it .. and there was a definite relationship between safety and security and made it so we had to ban certain items. We have teamed up w dancesafe .. Cooperated w police and medics to really handle the last three parties and We have set up free water stations at all the mdbp .. All I care about is people coming to enjoy music and have a safe and good time.. Everything else is secondary .. I would trade 100 thousand angry ravers to have 100% safe and happy street parties when we started it on philly 6 years ago.

So it’s all good if your into whatever your into we just implement these rules for you.. Not against you … This is just a simple set of rules we are using to make things safer… I’m sorry of they affect you or keep you from coming..All over the world kids and woman getting killed right now over beliefs, this is silly to get angry over .. If it bothers you just don’t attend I’m down for anything positive but this doesn’t affect our parties too much … Im not the promoter, I actually had nothing to do with the rules being implemented but i do agree with my team.. And cause of who I am.. I’m the de facto speaker.. I have thick skin so u guys that consider yourself plur can attack me all you want it doesn’t bother me.. I’m just here for the music.”




HARD (@HARDFEST) Summer 2013 Line Up Announced


This line up is ridic!  Waaaaay too sick!  Gotta give it up to them.  Good shit.  See full line up below & trailer above:



@Avicii vs @NickyRomero - “I Could Be The One” (Miami 2013 Recap)

Avicii’s vids/interviews r sooOoo motivational/inspiring!  I’m sooo ampd after watching this!  Those crowd shots are amazing man!  Gaaaah, motivation to get there one day!!! 

He might not be the best DJ, but, his production is one of the best. 



Skrillex @ Rock For People Festival

This is why I fux w/ Skrills, why he’s one of my Top 5 artists right now. That’s true love for the art, the music, &, most importantly, his fans.  From all accounts, he’s mad humble, easy going, and amazing to work with.  The major success has not gotten to his head.

PLUR Babies/Ravers Being Cheap Asses

PLUR/ravers are the biggest fuckin penny pinchers I know. They NEVER have money yet they’re always at raves/concerts every fuckin’ weekend & have drugs smfh lolololol!!!!



Kaskade Tonight at Staples!!! (Link to Stream)

Aaaaaah!  FINALLY!!!!   The date’s here!  So fuckin’ amp’d!  Bout to rage my face off!!!  Aaaaaahhhhh!!!  LEGOOOOO!!! 

**fist pump**

untz untz untz untz!!

Btw, for those of you who can’t be there, you can watch a live stream tonight starting at 7:30 pm (PST) on YouTube here or also on Fuse.



Kaskade tour is a groundbreaker for electronic dance music

I was going to write a lengthy opinion piece on how I dislike the shift towards arenas b/c I agreed w/ this:

"Seats for EDM is hit or miss," said Phil Blaine, the head of business development at Insomniac, the company that puts on Electric Daisy, at an EDMBiz panel. "The natural habitat is open space. Once you get into seats with letters and numbers, that’s not what Insomniac is all about."

BUT, I’ll be going to Kaskade’s show this upcoming Friday here at Staples Center.  So, we’ll see how it goes.  I’d rather experience this arena feel before I make an opinion lol.

I will say one thing though.  Peep this part on Avicii:

The young Swedish producer Avicii, who had a monster hit with the Etta James-sampling single “Le7els,” had to reschedule and downsize a planned arena tour after ticket sales were reportedly far below expectations.  Raddon said “Tim [Bergling, who performs as Avicii] is a great artist, but [that tour] did cause me to scratch my head a bit. But then, I’d be in a tailspin if I were 22 and had a hit record and making more money than I’d ever dreamed of. People see the fervor around the genre and are all ‘Now’s the time!’”

I remember seeing the ads to buy tickets for that tour.  With all due respect to Avicii, at that point in time, he was honestly blowing up based off one huge track, that being “Levels.”  Kaskade was scratching his head because Avicii didn’t have enough clout, didn’t have enough experience as a DJ, didn’t have enough of a tribe to go on such a huge venture.  I respect the ambition but the reality is that guys like Tiesto and Kaskade have been doing DJn for over a decade.  And, they’re barely booking huge venues here in the states.  Avicii and/or his handlers got caught up in the old paradigm that one huge hit meant true career success.  Well, those low ticket sales were a true slap in the face.  It takes time, patience, dedication to garner a true loyal following.  Avicii has the talent to make it happen.  He’s only 22.  With time, it’ll happen.  The issue was his people jumped the gun.  “People see the fervor around the genre and are all ‘Now’s the time!’”



UMF TV - Episode 01 - AVICII

Maaaan, I got goosebumps watching this.  I fuckin’ looooove music.  It’s my passion.  Ugh, the way it can make millions move & connect to them.

This 8-minute documentary-style ‘artist special’ sees the UMF TV crew follow the 22 year-Old’s legendary performance at this year’s gargantuan edition of Ultra Music Festival in Miami!



Sensation White 2011 HD




What if I was to tell you that EDC Las Vegas was shut down at 1am because of high wind. Most people left where then Marcus Shultz and Steve Aoki stayed and played a set at 3am on a make-shift, last minute 15 foot stage for the few fans who stayed. This is true! Big props to Marcus and Steve for rocking out till the very end for their fans! Some people got a very special show!

~ Via the homie, Will Chiang (who’s there as official photographer)