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Music's Top 40 Money Makers 2014: The Rich List

T Swizzle killing the game!  Easily Top Pop Star in the Globe.

1.  Taylor Swift

2013 Earnings: $39,699,575.60

Physical, digital, touring — Taylor Swift, 23, crushed it on pretty much every level in 2013, with merchandising, branding and sponsorships (not factored into her total haul) only upping her stature as a mainstream go-to. Indeed, Swift has hit that sweet-spot demo that captures revenue from every angle. Her album sales are eighth among all of Billboard’s Money Makers and trail only Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton among country acts. On the digital front, Swift is an elite artist at nearly 10 million downloads, ranking sixth, and she’s fifth in streaming royalties, leaving her country peers in the dust.
But where the singer truly shines is in touring, perhaps the best metric of fan passion. Swift’s revenue from six months of touring the United States on the global Red Tour tops all of her fellow Money Makers with an estimated take of $30 million. Beyond her take of ticket receipts, the tour boasted three integrated sponsorships (Keds, Elizabeth Arden, Diet Coke) whose estimated cash value is believed to be in the high seven figures, and, at $17 per head in merch sales, Swift stands to bring in an additional $10 million gross.

2. Kenny Chesney 2013 Earnings: $32,956,240.70

3. Justin Timberlake 2013 Earnings: $31,463,297.03

4. Bon Jovi 2013 Earnings: $29,436,801.04

5. The Rolling Stones 2013 Earnings: $26,225,121.71

6. Beyoncé 2013 Earnings: $24,429,176.86

7. Maroon 5 2013 Earnings: $22,284,754.07

8. Luke Bryan 2013 Earnings: $22,142,235.98

9. P!nk 2013 Earnings: $20,072,072.32

10. Fleetwood Mac 2013 Earnings: $19,123,101.98



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Forbes: The World's Highest-Paid Musicians 2013

1. Madonna – $125 million
2. Lady Gaga – $80 million
3. Bon Jovi – $79 million
4. Toby Keith $65 million
5. Coldplay – $64 million
6. Bruce Springsteen – $62 million
7. Justin Bieber – $58 million
8. Taylor Swift – $55 million
9. Elton John – $54 million
10. Beyoncé – $53 million
11. Kenny Chesney – $53 million
12. Diddy – $50 million
13. Paul McCartney – $47 million
14. Calvin Harris – $46 million
15. Jennifer Lopez – $45 million
16. Roger Waters $44 million
17. Muse – $43 million
18. Rihanna – $43 million
19. Jay Z – $42 million
20. One Direction – $42 million
21. Dr. Dre – $40 million
22. Red Hot Chili Peppers – $40 million
23. Rolling Stones – $39 million
24. Katy Perry $39 million
25. Tim McGraw – $33 million
26. Pink – $32 million



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Kisses for the VIP 😘😘😘
 #taylorswift #theredtour #concert #staplescenter #edsheeran #livemusic #popmusic #countrypop #countrymusic

Kisses for the VIP 😘😘😘

#taylorswift #theredtour #concert #staplescenter #edsheeran #livemusic #popmusic #countrypop #countrymusic



Tim McGraw ( ) - “Highway Don’t Care” ft. Taylor Swift () & @KeithUrban



MUST READ: James Fauntleroy (@fauntleroy) on the Music Industry, Lack of True Creativity & Talent

"The difference between classic music and the music of today is certainly in the skill level. In the days of dynamic music you couldn’t just go in the studio (or home) and make the same shit as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder or Prince! In fact, you STILL cant! It took years of practice (The Beatles) and access to special equipment that required extensive training to use. Real orchestras instead of VSTs, an actual drummer in place of someone else’s actual drumming, and occasionally a person who could legitimately sing! The technology we have now removes all imaginable limits on creativity, but in the name of declining (*not by much) IQ scores and attention spans - an entire generation of musicians and listeners with low standards has been born, making music thats easy to remember (and forget) and extremely easy to create!


In the music business we have now suffered from decades of people catering to moneyless non-consumers like children and critics, and an entire community of creatives and executives scratching their heads and wondering where all the good music went. We collectively saw the money and said fuck this, I’m not learning how to play shit! We got the money/power and gave our friends and relatives jobs! We blew the money and blamed everyone and every thing except for the unqualified man-in-the-mirror and convinced ourselves that we were still the reservation-only restaurant and not a McDonalds kiosk. It killed the business, and out of its body grew the Multi-Million $ Independent Label - from Master P to Macklemore, and a million new expressions of creativity and ways to monetize.


The truth is music business, if you haven’t realized the hidden success factor that makes Adele, Taylor Swift, Bruno or Frank resonate - its the FN MUSIC! The SONGS have to be GOOD! Not the same genre, or tempo, or look (*music doesn’t have a look), or even the same appeal to the same demographic - but the same FEELING when you hear it, the one that lasts for fuckin forever. The People get it (look at who’s selling the most these days!)


The only music execs and critics should be people who have accomplished something in the field of music that deems them qualified and worthy - and even those people should step down if and when the day comes that they start thinking our success comes more from marketing and research than the actual product itself. It all boils down to the support of the consumer and the corporate vendor (ads) - The money comes from Ads and Sales guys! No one has to buy anything anymore! Any and all sales in this day and age are from the support of someone who cares about the artist - the more effort you put into your product and content, the more engaged your audience will be.


The people I’m talking about are largely dumb as fuck and won’t make it to the bottom of this very short essay - but this isn’t for them…its for YOU! Who and whatever you are, you’re a part of this! You are the person that settles for mediocrity or doesn’t - that feels the need to constantly express their unsolicited opinion or spend that time improving yourself - that bragged about the hit song you wrote in 15 minutes or took however long you needed to make the best music you could make. You are a soldier in the war for Dope vs Money - this goes way beyond music, and way into real life - we all need to refocus and we’re all going to have to pick a side as the gap between those who are in pursuit of money, and those who are in the pursuit of dopeness quickly grows from something you trip over to something you fall into.

ps I personally plan to fly over.”


by James Fauntleroy.



Taylor Swift ( - “22”


ISH KNOWS…I reeeeeally like this video!  “22” is one of my fave tracks off her “RED” album, and, this vid does it justice.  It just looks like so much fun haha.

The pre-chorus on this track is money!  That melody and those lyrics combined = killer:

We’re happy free confused and lonely at the same time
It’s miserable and magical oh yeah
Tonight’s the night when we forget about the deadlines, it’s time uh uh



Ed Sheeran ( Covers Taylor Swift’s (  ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ (VIDEO)

Luvin this cover; Ed continues to stay in my top 5 artists.